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By nothingbutnet, Mar 13 2016 01:00AM

It can be quite a considerable challenge to remain organized, whether you are working in a small office space or from a spare room at your home. Although working in a messy, cluttered environment is not ideal, the real issue is the time and energy that is unnecessarily wasted searching for important documents and tools - resulting in reduced productivity. A few tips to keep your work area organized are discussed below.

Get Rid of Old Papers

There may be several piles of papers on your desk which have no real significance. While sorting through this stack of papers, you may start to ask yourself, whether you in fact need this and why, and also where do you think you may search when you need it. Creating the ideal filing system is recommended, as well as filing future printouts immediately so that the problem of clutter does not reoccur. Ask yourself whether you need to print a file before actually doing so, as it could perhaps survive in binary code.

Separate Business and Pleasure

It is important that distractions are avoided, regardless of where you conduct most of your work. Having a specified mail location which is not in close proximity to your small business at home, reduces distractions. Family members should be encouraged not to store any toys, tech gadgets or anything else nearby that may result in lost time and inefficiency. Cell phones and smart phones can be major distractions and impact negatively on productivity. Your phone should be kept in a designated area and only checked during breaks - not every time a text message alert is heard.

Keep the floors clean

Floors are sometimes overlooked in an office environment, but the outside world comes into contact with them quite frequently. As persons traffic in and out, they bring in grime, dust and other particles, which create some degree of buildup quickly. Therefore, small business carpet cleaning Melbourne should be conducted on a weekly basis. It is also recommended that carpet steam cleaning be done regularly. A significant amount of grime can be present in clean carpets even after vacuuming.

Keep Supplies and Often-Used Items Separate

Items that are used on a daily basis, such as pens, planner, laptop and Post-It-Notes should be kept on your desk. However, items such as envelopes, tape, stapler and paper clips should be stored inside the drawers of your desk. They will be easily accessible but not take up valuable space on the desk.

Organize Your Computer

Your virtual desktop needs to be de-cluttered once icons have started to obscure your favorite desktop background. Documents that you will need to refer to again, should be filed away and others sent to the virtual recycle bin. Your desktop screen will be more attractive and finding important documents will become much easier.

Slow Down

Finding adequate time is one of the biggest pitfalls in most organizations. Investing in time to properly organize files, supplies and other items is important to allow for easy and quick access. Establish a system that works well for you and stick to it! You will save a great deal of time in the long run, if you return items to areas specially designated for them.

Keep on top of carpet stains

There may be one spot that you know has been there for some time, and it will not magically disappear on its own, so you should deal with it. You may have become accustomed to it, but you really should conduct research on effective carpet stain removal, to get the carpet or the surface it is on clean again.

Working as a team will help to keep the office environment of your small business carpets clean and tidy, without much effort.

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