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The 10 Commandments of Shared Office Space

By nothingbutnet, Apr 27 2015 05:59AM

Being in a group of fellow business owners who are pushing it to the limits (sometimes to breaking point) can potentially become a stressful environment for those around.

Here are some tips that everybody can take on board to making working in a shared office space not only manageable, but fun as well!

1. And as the last line said, “FUN!” There is no reason why a small business owner can’t smile and have some fun. Some days it may be the only thing to get you through all in one piece. Put on a smile and don’t let the negatives penetrate your zen space. Remember that saying; "smiles are contagious"? Well, it’s true, put on a smile and send good vibes to everybody around you. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but you’ll be sharing the goodness.

2. Embrace your zen, bring your little pleasures to work. It may be some nice pot plants, it could be a picture of your family. What ever small touches you can bring to not only personalise your own office space, but also make it a place of happiness, the more productive you will become every day. Sure it would be great if all office buildings would allow you to bring in pets, unfortunately this isn’t the case.

3. Leave any poor attitude at the door, we all have bad days from time to time, we don’t need to go pass them on to others. Everybody has their own battles going and don’t need someone else trampling in and adding to the mix. Can you just imagine how much harder your work day would be if everybody turned on everybody because things were not going right? Now, stop thinking of that for a second and imagine the complete opposite, everybody helping one another reach their goals. Powerful stuff right?

4. Nobody wants to sit in silence, lets get some tunes that everybody can enjoy happening. For myself I’ve often had quite different tastes to everybody else, but there is always music that everybody can enjoy. Even if it’s just zen music that will help relax everybody's minds. Just remember, as mum always said “It’s not a rock concert!”

5. Don’t be afraid to chip in, coworking office spaces are cheap and survive with a great small community of business owners. If there is a communal fridge and you’re constantly dipping in to it, grab a slab of water, or drinks to keep everybodies supplies topped up.

6. Talk with your office buddies, sure you may be in different businesses all together, but there's no reason we can’t all be friends. It just adds to a better working atmosphere, which is lacking in all too many work places. Who knows, a simple chat with a fellow businessman/business woman could easily turn into them selling a you to somebody they know. Networking 101.

7. Keep your space tidy, nobody wants their office space to look like a dump site. Generally speaking bins are provided, but you are ultimately in charge of your area. If you find your bins are filling up, get rid of it when you finish up for the day. Not only is it just common courtesy, but do you really want to work hard when surrounded by garbage?

8. Welcome newcomers with open arms, who knows, you may end up becoming best of friends! Again, this will also result in building your own great business networking skills as well.

9. Be mindful of your guests and who you bring into the space. Because your guests aren’t familiar with the 10 Commandments of the awesome office space you are part of, it could quite easily disrupt the natural balance and Commandment 3 could easily get trampled on quite unintentionally.

10. Lastly, be a giver. If you can pass on work to someone in the office and hook someone you know up with someone you trust to get the job done, do it. You don’t need to be an Einstein to know how everyone's perception of you will change and grow for the better. If you’re regularly connecting people up, suddenly this makes you a key person of influence, generally speaking, that’s the person you should strive to be.

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