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Your very own professional coworking office space for small businesses! Join others who are here to grow their own businesses beyond the seed, share leads, exchange services and prosper.


Enjoy a relaxed working spaces for the modern day Entrepreneur like yourself, you can enjoy the company of likeminded people, whilst powering yourself up on caffeine for a solid days work. Freshly ground coffee is available from many of the local cafes, keeping you on the ball, so you can help carry your vision past where it is now, to where you want to see it in the future, maybe beyond!


How would it make you feel, knowing everybody around you is honing in on making it a successful day, everyday? Do you feel like it could push you those extra few steps every day? You’ve heard of compound interest as a great long term strategy of making money, every thought of how this process could apply to your business and the long term goals of not just making a living, but really creating a super successful venture?


Rather than just pulling out the desk space and chairs for your daily use, our vision is to create a ‘cool’ and ‘fun’ working environment for your small business. Perhaps one day, we will have fun office spaces all over Australia which you could have access to.


What do we currently have on offer?


Cheltenham office space


*Offer to new tenants only

Interested in landing your very own office space?

Office space for just $75 per week with all the trimmings?

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